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Guest blogger


Which recipes are my favourite? They are the recipes with a story, recipes that you have been given. Over the years I received recipes from my mother, sisters, girlfriends, colleagues, neighbors, but also from you! My readers.

The recipes are often on some old notes, in notebooks, copies, scribbles on paper. They are so much fun! Too nice to put them away in a box at home. Those are recipes I'm looking for: recipes with a story, because you often remember exactly who gave you it, why, when and why you absolutely wanted the recipe.

Is it starting to itch already?

Do you also have such a recipe that you would like to share? You might like to write a guest blog on Carola Bakt Zoethoudertjes and pass on the recipe and story to the readers.

What is expected of you

The recipe and your story must match the theme of my blog. A nice and smooth story with a short explanation of who you are, what you do and why you would like to share this recipe. Great, we are quite curious so tell us.

Your recipe

Bake your recipe and try to pay attention during baking if you have any tips for the readers, what to look out for.

  • A blog without pictures is a bit boring. I would appreciate it if you would like to take 4-5 pictures. You can also have your picture taken if you want, with or without your baked recipe. Make sure the photos are clear, photographed lightly with a light/white background if possible. If necessary, take some extra photos, so that we can choose which photos fit best between the text.

  • Is the recipe not yours and do you know whose recipe it is? It is important that you always post the source and if possible a link to it.

  • Don't advertise explicitly in your story.

  • Do you have your own blog? Do not hesitate; You can of course mention that and don't forget to send the links to it!

  • Carola Bakt Zoethoudertjes is always the final editor of the blog; whether the text, images or video.

  • Before your blog is posted I will communicate the planned posting date. 

  • Your blog becomes the property of Carola Bakt Zoethoudertjes. When you blog for Carola Bakt Zoethoudertjes   you agree to the terms.

First contact Carola and discuss what you would like to write about. To give you a bit of an idea of what we expect from you, please consider the following and don't hesitate to submit your own ideas. 

Document name: Your name - Title blog 

Texts: Title > introduction, biography > story including subheadings > sources > close with name and email address. Length of content in consultation. 



Good quality and with sufficient resolution, must not violate the privacy of third parties, always supporting or content of the blog.

The photo was taken by myself and free of copyright or with the express permission of the copyright holder. 

To ask?

If you have any questions you can contact me.
Then you can easily use the form below.

Examples of guest bloggers

I've read everything and it seems like a lot of fun to write a GUEST blog!

Thanks and I'll be in touch

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