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About me

Nice to have you here! Do you also like the hands in the dough? Lick your spatula when no one is looking? And those big dishes afterwards? No problem, it's all worth it because everyone rushes down to taste what you've baked. pies, cakes, biscuits; the lucky fabrics go to work, memories are made and the limits of your creativity are pushed. 

Let me introduce myself; I am Carola. 

Carola from Carola Bakt Zoethoudertjes

Nice to have you here!


During the day I work as a secretary at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Once I come home I enjoy family life and then get to work. Baking, photographing, writing, networking. It's a busy place, but very cozy and inspiring. And I do it almost every night, seven days a week!

I started blogging for fun in 2011. I really had no idea that blogging and baking would become such a passion. It was very funny, since my first blog the ideas started pouring in.  Blogging? I can really lose my egg in this. Baking, decorating, writing, photographing; I loved doing it all and everything came together here.


My home is in Boskoop, but my roots are in Naaldwijk, in the Westland. Actually, both villages are somewhat similar. I used to live in Naaldwijk between the greenhouses, in Boskoop you will find many nurseries with garden plants. As a true gardener's daughter, we had a coop next to our house and these chickens provided us with quite a lot of eggs. So many eggs that we ate homemade cake every weekend with coffee.

I really enjoy exploring boundaries, testing and trying something new. 

Come, I teach you step by step, with many photos, how to bake the most delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and bread yourself. I will take you to sweet book presentations, meet other interesting sweet bakers and bloggers and show you the latest in baking.

Do you have questions or ideas? What would you like if I started baking? But maybe you just want to say something? You can use the form below to send a message.

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