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When we think of baking, we often think of sweets.  Isn't savory pastries as tasty and varied as sweet ones?

Savory pies, pizza, snacks? Vegetables in bread or pastries?

But also soups, sauces and tasty spreads. When I think about it I can almost taste it already. 

Discover and get to know the savory home baker in you.

A dinner? Picnic? Couscous salad is your friend! You can prepare it earlier and it is easy to transport.

Savory pies and quiches

Savory pies for every moment. For lunch or dinner and sometimes even with coffee or tea. Sweet and savory are often close friends. 

Hartige taart



... now stretch out on the couch. Read Carola's latest goodies. Do you also want to stay informed?

Cup Of Coffee


Have a nice drink together; because it is a holiday or to celebrate life. Dress up that cozy drink with homemade snacks. Which one will you make?



Soup, Sauce and Spreads

The seasoning for lunch or dinner. From many variations of hummus, to applesauce and tomato-lentil soup. Surprisingly often a healthy choice. 



Vegetables in Bread and Pastries

Vegetables give bread and pastries their own color and an authentic taste. In addition, it is a handy way to use leftovers and eat vegetables more often. 




Other Delicacy

From sausage rolls to vegan burgers, from risotto to soft pretzels and bitterballen. Savory ideas aplenty. 

The hearty kitchen is available at any time of the day. 

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