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Nonnevotten recipe

Nonnevotten recipe
Nonnevotten are a delicious delicacy that is often baked around carnival. It is a Limburg pastry, but the nonnevot is increasingly finding its way north. And that is very understandable because it is very tasty! The nonnevot is a soft luxury roll in the shape of a button. It is deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar immediately after baking; Delicious! The nonnevotten recipe is very easy and anyone can make it. An ideal carnival pastry for enthusiasts or a tasty pastry for those who do not celebrate carnival.

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Have you recently baked oliebollen and the oil is standing still? A good time to try out this nonnevotten recipe!

Nonnevotten recipe

Nonnevotten recipe

Requirements for 6-7 pieces:

  1. 200 grams of flour

  2. 25 grams of soft butter

  3. 100 ml lukewarm milk

  4. 6 grams of dry yeast

  5. 20 grams of sugar

  6. 4 grams of salt

Also necessary:

  1. Deep fry with frying oil

  2. Cinnamon sugar: mix some cinnamon with fine sugar

Tie the dough into knots and let it rise

Nonnevotte recipe

  1. Mix all ingredients well and knead into a smooth dough. This easily takes about 15 minutes. If the dough is too sticky, you can add some flour.

  2. Let the dough rise for an hour.

  3. Divide the dough into portions of approximately 60 grams. A bit depending on how big you want to make the buttons.

  4. Lubricate the work surface with a little oil. Slightly round the dough and then roll it out to about 30 cm. I do this in three parts because it makes the dough easier to stretch. Roll them out a little further each time by rolling the dough from the center to the outside.

  5. Tie the dough into a knot without pulling on the rollers.

  6. Cover the knots with a tea towel or plastic that has been lightly oiled to prevent the bread from sticking to them.

  7. Let the nonnevotten rise again for about an hour.

  8. Heat the fryer to 180 degrees. Fry 2-3 pieces of buttons at a time, depending on the size of your fryer. Turn them over so that both sides are nicely browned.

  9. Let the nonnevotten drip briefly on a paper towel and roll them in the cinnamon sugar.

  10. And enjoy while the nonnevots are still a little warm.

Nonnevot a delicious soft fried sandwich during Carnival

How can you save nonnevots?

Nonnevotten are best eaten fresh, they are absolutely the tastiest! If you do have some left over, you can store them tightly closed for a few days. It is also possible to freeze them. Then, after defrosting, briefly place them in a medium-heat oven or air fryer. It is best to then roll the nonnevot in the cinnamon sugar.

Nonnenvot a delicious soft fried sandwich during Carnival

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