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Bake from Paul Hollywood

Bake from Paul Hollywood
The whole of Holland bakes has caught the baking virus, we have started to enjoy the possibilities and the baking process en masse. And although the Dutch version is a feel-good series that I enjoy watching, I actually like the original UK version just a bit better. The level is slightly higher and I see more new techniques and ingredients here. Should I also mention that they seem to be given a little more time in the English version and that can be crucial. Paul Hollywood has been the face of The Great British Bake Off (TGBBO) as a judge for 13 years. As a master baker, he critically assesses the candidates and oooh everyone hopes for a handshake from Paul; the ultimate positive review and Paul is not very generous with this. In Paul Hollywood's Bake, Paul reveals his very best recipes and those are often favorite classics. Both sweet, savory and bread recipes, a nice combination so I'll show you in this review of Paul's latest baking book.

Paul: "Baking trends come and go (we had cronuts and cruffins and who knows what comes next), but nothing beats the classics: a Victoria sandwich cake, carrot cake, ginger biscuits or a buttered scone.
Contents when reviewing Bak! from Paul Hollywood

More than 80 often classic recipes divided into 6 chapters. Which chapter will you watch first?

Love how diverse baking is. From a delicious freshly baked roll for breakfast, a biscuit with coffee to lunches, goodies for afternoon tea and desserts.

Paul: "I don't think you should mess with classic recipes.

Key lime pie from Bake! from Paul Hollywood

Review Bake! by Paul Hollywood

Each recipe is introduced by a personal piece about the recipe. This gives each recipe its own touch. For example, I now know that the limes in Miami are smaller and have a more intense flavor than we find here in the store. Bake from Paul Hollywood has beautiful illustrations.

The Key lime pie seems delicious; the pie has a filling with condensed milk and lime. A nice combination because the lime is a good counterpart to the sweetness of the condensed milk and will bake nice and fudgy in the oven.

Patties, pita sandwiches and cheese scones according to Paul Hollywood

Although Paul has a real sweet tooth, his passion lies with bread. No wonder with a father who worked in a bakery and the house smelled like fresh bread. In Bin! includes a bread chapter with a good amount of recipes. From bus loaves that always work, to cheese bread, chapatis, tortillas, English muffins, orange brioche and traditional sourdough breads. Never baked bread before? You too can learn it:

Paul: "Making bread is a matter of feeling. It is a skill that can definitely be improved and mastered.

Photo left: Beef and potato pie. You can make these pies with ready-made puff pastry, but fresh is of course tastier. It contains quite a few nice pie recipes such as: large pies such as pie with Thai chicken or a large sausage bread. But also small and small sausage rolls and cheese and onion pasty.

Centre photo: from the bread and flatbread chapter: Pitas. These breads are inflated like a balloon in the oven and then collapsed again. Paul found inspiration for this during the 6 years he lived in Cyprus.

Photo right: Cheese scones; according to Paul maybe even tastier than classic scones. With cheddar in the dough and Parmesan cheese on top.

Carrot cake and filled donuts according to Paul Hollywood

Photo left: Carrot cakefrom the pies and cakes section. This lightly spiced cake remains wonderfully creamy due to the grated carrot and the oil. Instead of spreading the icing over the topping, you can also pipe it on the cake with the piping bag with swirls.

Photo on the right from the pizza and donuts chapter: Doughnut filled with cream and jam. Nowadays there are many types of donuts available, but Paul likes this classic the best.

Photo below: Almond-pear pie: a perfect pie. Sweet base, ginger jam, frangipane and pear. Beautiful to look at and a nice flavor combination.

Blondies and banoffee pie from Paul Hollywood in Bake!

Photo left: Blondies; the brownie's divine sister. White chocolate and raspberries are a great combination. The pistachios give flavor, structure and a nice color.

Photo rightfrom the desserts section: Banoffee pie. Perhaps tastier than tiramisu. With dulce de leche, banana and whipped cream on a crispy base.

Paul: "Desserts? However, they all have in common that it's all about pure enjoyment.

Bake from Paul Hollywood; yes please!

This book is packed with classics that are generally doable for everyone. But experienced home bakers will also find plenty of challenge. The recipes are generally made with ingredients that you already have in the kitchen cupboards or are readily available. And that is so nice. From simple oatmeal cookies to an omelet Sibèrienne (bombe with ice cream and merinque foam, briefly baked in the oven).

Bake! by Paul Hollywood is available in bookshops and online.

EAN: 9789461432827

I would like to Good Cook Publishers for giving me the opportunity to write a review of Bak! from Paul Hollywood. The photography is by Haarala Hamilton

“Some of the photos from the book that I have photographed show only part of the actual photo. The photo is often much larger and more beautiful in reality. However, by using part of the photo, the whole often fits better in my blog.”


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