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Making whipped cream truffles

Making whipped cream truffles
Finally the time had come; I was going to make whipped cream truffles. Whipped cream truffles, I ate them for the first time when I regularly got together with a number of ladies to practice decorating cakes. One of those ladies had brought 3 different types of whipped cream truffles. Everyone was enthusiastic but... I actually didn't like them. How is that possible? Classic whipped cream truffles often contain a lot of butter and little whipped cream. I love butter dosed in baking, but a bite of butter.... no that's not my thing. If you make something delicious yourself, then you are in charge of the products and you can play around with the proportions of those ingredients. With this easy recipe you can now make delicious whipped cream truffles that really taste like whipped cream!

Large or small cream truffles

Whipped cream truffles are often huge whoppers of truffles, I prefer to make small truffles myself. Of course you can make large truffles. When making small whipped cream truffles you need a little more chocolate, because you have more outside.

Butter and whipped cream often mixed up

Even if you carefully process the ingredients at exactly the same temperature, it is still lurking: the filling will curdle. Because I knew there was a good chance this could happen I made sure everything was the same temperature and my hair dryer was nearby. I guess the pretty cold kitchen wasn't ideal, but I persevered. While the food processor was running and I slowly began to wonder if this was ever going to work out, I gave the bowl of the mixer a short blow-dry every 30 seconds or so. The butter should not melt, but it should soften. And then suddenly there is that miracle; the whipped cream and the butter come together to form a delicious filling, how delicious is that!

Would you like to save the recipe for later on Pinterest? You can easily via this link.

Whipped cream; the higher the percentage of fat, the less chance of curdling

In the shift, what can you use to heat the bowl?

I find a hair dryer the easiest to use. You have easier control over the heat by setting the heat and you can blow dry well around the bowl. You could also heat the bowl au bain-marie with not too hot water in a pan. A crème brûlée burner is also possible, but do not heat too close. To heat the mix, you need a heat-resistant bowl in addition to a little patience and confidence!

Making whipped cream truffles

Making whipped cream truffles


  1. 200 ml whipped cream

  2. 125 grams butter at room temperature

  3. 2 bags of vanilla sugar

  4. 75 grams of fine sugar

  5. 200-300 grams of dark chocolate

  6. Cocoa powder

  7. Pinch of salt

Also needed:

  1. Pastry bag; you don't necessarily need a nozzle

  2. Plate that fits in the freezer

  3. Baking paper or silicone baking mat

Spray whipped cream truffles and harden in the freezer

How to make whipped cream truffles recipe

  1. Heat the whipped cream with a pinch of salt, the vanilla sugar and the sugar over a low heat. Once the sugar has dissolved, turn off the heat. Let it cool to room temperature.

  2. Beat room temperature butter until it starts to lighten and fluff up.

  3. Carefully add the whipped cream filling and beat until well blended. Should the mix curdle; the tips earlier in the article can help you solve this.

  4. Fill the piping bag without the nozzle and pipe sticks onto a baking sheet. Let the truffles cool in the freezer for at least a few hours. You may want to cover them with plastic wrap if you are going to refrigerate them for a long time to protect the truffles from moisture.

  5. Chop the chocolate finely and heat it in a bain-marie or in the microwave. Prepare a bowl of cocoa powder.

  6. Use a fork to lower the frozen truffle into melted chocolate at about 32 degrees. Move the fork back and forth. This way the excess chocolate falls back into the container or glass.

  7. Cover the truffle immediately with cocoa powder before the chocolate is completely hard.

  8. Repeat until all truffles are covered with chocolate and cocoa powder.

Dip ice-cold truffles in chocolate

Truffles with a snap by tempering the chocolate

Tempering chocolate makes it shiny and solid. You don't need a shiny truffle, but it is nice to have a firm truffle that gives a nice snap when eating. Simply melting and dipping also works, but by tempering chocolate you get nice firm truffles. In this article you can read how tempering chocolate works.

How should you store whipped cream truffles?

It is best to store whipped cream truffles tightly closed in the refrigerator.

Freeze whipped cream truffles

Have you made a lot of cream truffles? You can also freeze them. Keep them tightly closed in the freezer.

Making whipped cream truffles

Give natural flavor to the whipped cream truffle

You can add flavor to the whipped cream while gently heating it. So you can hang a bag of tea in it. This can be a basic tea, but also tea with a (natural) rose flavour, verveine or lemon balm. You can also add citrus grater, cinnamon or coffee powder.

And what about the practice evenings with those ladies?

They took place regularly at the time and were one of the incentives at the time that ensured that I started my own blog with my own recipes and how-to's to get started.

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