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Tiramisu Christmas tree dessert

Tiramisu Christmas tree dessert
At Christmas it is extra fun to do something extra that makes everyone happy. Some people like to make the starter or main course at Christmas, I like to focus on the dessert. Because tiramisu always does very well, I thought it would be fun to put together a large Christmas dessert in the shape of a Christmas tree. No Christmas without a Christmas tree, right?

Spread your normally smooth layers of mascarpone and whipped cream over coffee and kahlua soaked ladyfingers, this time the fresh filling was piped onto the ladyfingers with a star piping nozzle. I normally use this nozzle for perfect swirls on cupcakes; but you can also spray the beautiful green Christmas branches of the tiramisu Christmas tree dessert. That was surprisingly easy and the branches kept their shape well in the refrigerator. The festive dessert was taken to family and allowed to travel in the car in a cool, flat place.

What type of alcohol can you find in tiramisu?

Traditionally, tiramisu uses marsala wine to dip the ladyfingers. Personally, I usually choose the taste of coffee liqueur, but that is personal. You can use any liqueur from amaretto to limoncello if you like to keep it Italian, but Grand Marnier, Licor 43, eggnog, cognac or rum also work.

Can you also make tiramisu alcohol-free?

Of course you can also omit the alcohol or look for an alcohol-free variant. More and more spirits are also available non-alcoholic. Or choose a liquid with a lot of flavor to dip your ladyfingers in, such as strong coffee or a fruit juice with a lot of flavor.

Tiramisu without egg

I personally do not make recipes that use raw egg. This is used in classic tiramisu, but this variant is very tasty and you know that everyone will go home without stomach complaints.

Make a tree from ladyfingers, this will later become the dessert with tiramisu

Tiramisu Christmas tree dessert


  1. Grab ladyfingers

  2. 500 ml whipped cream, preferably 35% for a firm filling

  3. 500 grams mascarpone

  4. 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

  5. Extra sugar to taste

  6. Green dye

  7. 200 ml strong coffee

  8. Drizzle Kahlua to taste, or make your own coffee liqueur with this recipe.

  9. Edible decoration, chocolates, sprinkles

  10. Possibly a meringue to crumble like snow

  11. Board or other flat surface for the tiramisu

Pipe mascarpone Christmas branches with whipped cream using a ribbed piping nozzle

Tiramisu Christmas tree as dessert or cake

  1. What are you going to present the tiramisu on? I made it the day before and prepared the Christmas dessert on a sheet of baking paper on a wooden cutting board.

  2. Spread ladyfingers on the paper in such a way that a Christmas tree is created. Once you are satisfied, you can dip the ladyfingers one by one into the coffee with Kahlua and put them back again.

  3. Lightly beat the mascarpone and set aside. Beat the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar until stiff. Mix the two together and add sugar to taste and a tiny bit of green food coloring. You often only need 1 or 2 drops.

  4. Attach a piping nozzle to the piping bag and fill the piping bag.

  5. Spray branches of the Christmas tree with the mix. First start with the outside so that all branches are covered and then work inwards. You can divide what is left to taste.

  6. Just before serving, decorate the tiramisu with edible Christmas sprinkles, Christmas M&Ms, chocolate or other treats. If you do this earlier, the candy could lose color and that would be a shame.

Tiramisu Christmas tree dessert

Christmas rush, this is how you prepare dessert

At Christmas you can sometimes be very busy, especially when diners come. You can prepare this dessert a day earlier. I did this myself and it went fine. Only decorating with sprinkles, chocolates and possibly some crumbled meringue as snow around the tree is best done last minute. The sweet decorations sometimes transfer color or moisture can stain the chocolate.

Tiramisu of layer ladyfingers with mascarpone and whipped cream

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