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Make icing

Make icing
Yes I know. Making icing is easy, right? That's right, but there is more possible than just mixing sugar with water. I'll give you some tips and tricks. If you know of any more tricks, I would of course like to hear from you.

What is frosting

Icing is a sugar coating on pastries, cookies, cakes and cupcakes. It's an easy way to quickly decorate your baked goods. Glaze is also very useful as an adhesive. The liquid sweet is ideal for letting your child help make your pastries even more beautiful.

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Glaze as a sweet, beautiful layer, but also as a delicious adhesive. Have fun with your child. Make something beautiful together in the sweet kitchen. They will enjoy it.

How to make your own icing for cakes, cakes and cookies

Make icing


  1. 100 grams of powdered sugar

  2. About 1 tablespoon liquid (water, fruit juice, lemonade, milk, liqueur or other flavor extract)

Stir a little fruit juice or water into the icing sugar for icing

Make your own glaze and color it naturally

To make icing you need quite a lot of powdered sugar. Ever since I got a coffee grinder , I always grind my own powdered sugar. This is much cheaper and very easy to make.  You can also find icing sugar in 250 gram containers in the supermarket.

With this recipe you make a somewhat small quantity.  Do you want to decorate a large cake? Then make a double quantity.

Make icing with icing sugar

Place the icing sugar in the glass and carefully add the liquid little by little and stir well. The powdered sugar will shrink enormously. By not adding the liquid all at once you have control over how thick you want the icing.

Make your own powdered sugar

Ever since I got a coffee grinder (which I use for everything except grinding coffee), I always make my own powdered sugar. By grinding plain granulated sugar for about 10 seconds you get powdered sugar; and without anti-caking agent. Keep it well closed and you can keep it for a long time.

Did you accidentally add too much liquid? No problem, add some icing sugar to the desired thickness.

Make icing

  1. Icing sugar with water is the simplest choice.

  2. You can color frosting with food coloring. I prefer to choose colors with natural dyes. It is very useful to use lemonade syrup on a natural basis. Then you have moisture and color in one go. Want to know more about natural dyes? You can read it here.

  3. Do you want to add a certain flavor? This can be done with flavorings from the supermarket. For example with almond, vanilla or rum flavor. You can make your own vanilla extract from soaking vanilla pods in vodka for about a week or six. But also consider homemade strawberry juice, blackberry juice , ginger syrup , elderflower syrup. Maybe you can think of more. What do you like and do you have at home?

  4. You can also add flavor and color with drinks and liqueurs.

  5. Do you add milk? Remember that your icing will then have a shorter shelf life.

Give glaze a pink, yellow or orange color

Mix 1-2 drops of food coloring with the water to give the glaze a color. Do you prefer to use natural dyes? For a pink color, choose blackberry, beet or raspberry juice to mix with the icing sugar. Carrot juice colors your icing slightly orange and for yellow you can use a pinch of turmeric (Koenjit or yellow powder).

How long does it take for icing to harden

This depends greatly on how thick or thin you made the icing. Allowing glaze to dry properly can take one or two hours, but if your glaze is very thin it will take a lot longer. The temperature and humidity determine how quickly this happens. Your icing will harden a little faster in the refrigerator.

Glaze as an edible glue

Making icing is an easy way to give your cakes a beautiful sweet layer or to use as an edible glue. What do you mix your powdered sugar with and how did you like your personal icing?

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