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The sweet base

You worked hard in the kitchen with love and pleasure. You are happy because it looks great and smells great. The basis is strong, because you know the ingredients, the techniques and the basic recipes. Gradually you will notice that ready-made products in the store are easy, but making them yourself is much tastier and you know what you are eating. 

zoete basis. weegschaal lineaal, meetlepels, babyflesje, ovenschaal


The basics, that's where good baking starts and that's how you dare to vary more and more recipes to your own taste. 


flour and butter on wooden worktop

Keep up

red kitchenAid mixing machine with shiny bowl
Baby bottle

The base remains the same.

Yet there is movement. New techniques, materials, ingredients, ideas or rediscovered.


It is so comforting to have a small piece of cake. Just one slice.

Mary Berry


Basic techniques

Techniques or small trucks in the kitchen. How do you get zebra stripes in your cake. This is how you set the mixing hook or beater of your kitchenaid. How does the hot method work when baking a cake and much more!

How to make icing to decorate your baking nicely. What is the best way to mix dough. You can try it yourself or learn from others.

I give you a lot of tips...

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