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My favorite strawberry recipes

My favorite strawberry recipes
Strawberries are my favorite fruit when baking. Strawberries have a very unique, sweet taste and the blushing red color makes every baking immediately look nice and bright. They are not called summer kings for nothing! You can go anywhere with strawberries. Puree and process in a cheesecake or cake roll, bake in cake, but you can also use it to make an airy bavarois or even a summer liqueur. In this overview you will find my favorite recipes with strawberries. You can also use frozen strawberries in some recipes, which is handy because strawberries are available in the freezer all year round, but fresh strawberries are the tastiest. Which recipe are you going to make?

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My favorite recipes with strawberries enjoy

My favorite recipes with strawberries, the snow star with strawberries

Snowstar with strawberries

This favorite is inspired by the classic snowstar with advocaat. Also a popular recipe and I can understand why. This summer version with strawberries combines particularly well with whipped cream and gives the recipe a delicious sunny color.

Strawberry cake a favorite recipe with strawberries

Strawberry cake

Strawberries also combine very well in a cake. I myself added a handful of red berries from my own garden because they were so ogling me.

A little sour in the cake with the mighty color red.

Cake roll with strawberries; a favorite strawberry recipe

Cake roll with strawberries

A cake roll is surprisingly easy to make and looks attractive because of the spiral. Together with the whipped cream and strawberries a delicious recipe for a summer cake.

Slipper pie; a favorite strawberry recipe

Strawberry slipper cake

The bottom of a slipper cake is very rich in flavor due to the baked almond paste. Delicious with a fresh summer topping.

Bavarian cream, a favorite strawberry recipe

Strawberry bavarois according to the chef

An easy recipe for a creamy dessert from a real Belgian chef!

Yogurt pie with strawberries

Quick strawberry yogurt cake

Baking without an oven but with the refrigerator. Do you have whipped cream or powder for Chantilly cream ? This will decorate the cake extra beautifully.

Paris Brest choux pie with strawberries

Paris Brest with strawberries

A Paris Brest is a ring of choux pastry that you fill with whipped cream or whipped cream with mascarpone and of course strawberries!

For the real lover of everything that resembles puffs, moorkoppen and Bossche bollen.

Making strawberry liqueur according to Yvette van Boven

Strawberry liqueur according to Yvette van Boven

A recipe from Yvette van Boven. Very tasty and also very suitable for strawberries that are tasty but have not won a beauty prize. From bruise to a giant in taste.

Cake roll with strawberry curd cheese

Cake roll with strawberry quark

Actually a cheesecake in a rolled biscuit. A delicious fresh cake. With this recipe you can also make it yourself at home.

Eton mess Strawberry cake a favorite recipe with strawberries

Eton mess with strawberries

A recipe from Eton University. It's super quick and so delicious. Layers of cake, whipped cream and strawberries.

Cream pie a favorite recipe with strawberries

Strawberry cream pie

This classic cake is welcome at every party!

Strawberry pie with a healthy base

Strawberry cake with a healthy base

A creamy strawberry cake on a healthy base with oatmeal, bananas, dates and nuts.

Which of my favorite strawberry recipes will you make?

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